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The Woman Who Didn't Grow Old

Grégoire Delacourt’s new bestseller just came out !

We are very happy to announce you that the new novel by Grégoire Delacourt has just been released.

With a 1st print-run of 90,000 copies, the rights have been sold in 4 countries already: Bulgaria, Germany, Italy (a preemptive offer!) and Russia.

It’s going to be as successful as his previous books !

Feel free to ask for the book.


"At age forty-seven, I still had no frown lines or crow’s feet, no forehead furrow or laugh lines, not a hint of marionette lines or neck lines; not one white hair or the slightest shadow under my eyes, I looked hopelessly age thirty.”

There are those who won’t grow old because they have left us too soon. Those who don’t worry about ageing because they have more important things to worry about. Those who try to stay young to keep their husbands, but end up losing everything anyway.


And then there’s Betty.