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Lors d’un pique-nique au bord du lac Léman, Summer, dix-neuf ans, disparaît. Elle laisse une dernière image  : celle d’une jeune fille blonde courant dans les fougères, short en jean, longues jambes nues. Disparue dans le vent, dans les arbres, dans l’eau. Ou ailleurs  ?
Vingt-cinq ans ont passé. Son frère cadet Benjamin est submergé par le souvenir. Summer surgit dans ses rêves, spectrale et gracieuse, et réveille les secrets d’une famille figée dans le silence et les apparences.
Comment vit-on avec les fantômes  ? Monica Sabolo a écrit un roman puissant, poétique, bouleversant.
Summer was nineteen when she mysteriously disappeared. When her brother investigates twenty-five years later, family secrets painfully surface.
During a picnic on the banks of Lake Leman, nineteen year old Summer suddenly vanishes. The last image anyone had of her was of a young blond woman in jean shorts running through the ferns.  Was she swallowed up by the wind, the trees, the water? Or was she somewhere else?
Twenty-five years later, her younger brother Benjamin is overcome with memories.  Summer appears in his dreams, graceful and ghost-like, and awakens family secrets long-since silenced to preserve appearances.
How does one live with ghosts?
Powerful, startling and poetic, Summer is the author’s most ambitious novel to date, and no doubt the most romanesque, with a story that combines bewitching atmosphere and riveting psychological suspense.
“The author majestically exposes her obsession with the impasses and dark sides of youth. In these pages there is something similar to Villa Triste or Remise de peine by Modiano. And in the end, while never losing its charm, the narration heads towards something more personified, more direct in its relationship to violence and lies. SUMMER can be situated somewhere between L’aigle noir by Barbara and a Joyce Carol Oates novel” LIVRES HEBDO
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Monica Sabolo a reçu le Prix des lecteurs de la Fête du Livre de Bron pour son roman Summer

Monica Sabolo fait partie des quatre finalistes du Prix. ...