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Six ans et deux cents jours

Six ans et deux cents jours
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« Mes parents se sont rencontrés en captivité, alors qu’ils étaient prisonniers du Viet Minh. Mon père était un jeune militaire de vingt ans, ma mère, une Eurasienne de dix-neuf ans. 
Ils ont passé un peu plus de six ans dans des camps, au milieu de la jungle du Nord-Annam, de  1947 à 1953. Mon frère est né trois mois avant leur libération.
Leur histoire m’a inspiré ce roman ; l’écrire m’a aidée à me libérer de leur captivité. »
My parents met in captivity.   As prisoners of the Viet Minh from 1947 to 1953, they spent over six years in camps in the middle of the jungle.

1946: Madeleine’s mother is Vietnamese and her father is of mixed race. They live in the city of Vinh in Indochina. After the insurrection of December 19th, like all those who had obtained French nationality, she was taken hostage and detained in a Viet Minh prison camp.  Some French soldiers were also captured and held in the same camp. Among them, Simon Amar, who had escaped the German concentration camps a few years earlier.

During their captivity that lasted over six years, relationships formed between soldiers and civilians, particularly between Madeleine and Simon. After living in atrocious conditions in the first camp where they desperately clung to their humanity, the prisoners were transferred to another one commanded by an adept of Hô Chi Minh.

But war, promiscuity, cruelty and suffering cannot destroy love and, for some, it becomes the best remedy against misery and a way to believe in a future.