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Par amour

Par amour
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Par amour, n’importe quel être humain peut se surpasser. On tient debout, pour l’autre plus encore que pour soi-même.



Valérie Tong Cuong a publié dix romans, dont le très remarqué Atelier des miracles. Avec cette fresque envoûtante qui nous mène du Havre sous l’Occupation à l’Algérie, elle trace les destinées héroïques de gens ordinaires, dont les vies secrètes nous invitent dans la grande Histoire.

When, in order to protect loved ones from the
absurdities of war, all you have is the strength of
sacrifice and the energy born of love.
June 1940. The city of Le Havre is occupied by the Germans. Almost immediately, the British begin to relentlessly bomb the city. Military leaders have no time to think of the devastation inflicted upon the population. Famine, sickness and death spread everywhere, traditional values are debunked and certitudes shattered. A new, painful challenge arises with the evacuation of the children. Hundreds are sent
away from the only home they knew, sometimes as far
away as North Africa.
  Out of love and the need to protect, mothers accept the excruciating pain of separation, not knowing whether they will ever see their children again; fathers will endure beatings and invent subterfuges; and children will hide their heartbreak. After everything has been taken from them through five long years of war, all anyone has left is love.
  Par amour tells of the altered destinies of two families caught up in the moral and physical cataclysm of war: Joffre and his wife Emelie, caretakers of a local school, devoted to their mission and to their two children, and Muguette, Emelie’s sister, who will soon be overcome by the poverty and sickness, and her children, Joseph the optimist and little Marline who barely speaks. 

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