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Mon citronnier

Mon citronnier
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Il paraît qu’il dormait. Il paraît qu’il revenait à peine d’Espagne et que toutes ses malles étaient encore sur un bateau. Il paraît qu’on n’a jamais pu récupérer les malles à Buenos Aires. Il paraît qu’il est allé au cimetière puis dans un jardin. Il paraît que, lorsqu’il est mort, il est devenu un citronnier.

Samantha Barendson est poète. Mon citronnier est son premier roman.

On August 15th 1978 Franco Barendson dies in a hotel room in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.  He leaves behind a two year old daughter who knows nothing about his death and asks very few questions as she grows up.  That young girl is now approaching forty and when her grandparents pass away she feels an irrepressible desire to learn more about this man whom her mother never spoke of.  That young girl is the narrator of this story.
She quickly sets out to question all the members of her family who are still alive, before it’s too late, and collects a patchwork of memories, conversations, odors and photos.  An image of her father, Franco, who died way too young, forms in her mind.  Then one day, almost by accident she discovers a secret.
A second investigation begins, this time to discover the truth, to try to understand and to find the witnesses scattered over time and three different countries: Argentina, Spain and France between the nineteen seventies and today.  She no longer wants to idealize her father. She wants to know exactly who he was, and what she finds out is not what she expected…

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