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Les coeurs pleins

Les coeurs pleins
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256 pages
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Lila, vingt-cinq ans, est interne en neurochirurgie. Au cours de son stage à Lariboisière, un grand hôpital parisien,  elle découvre par hasard les circonstances réelles de la mort de sa mère, Marianne, lorsqu’elle était adolescente. Presque  quinze ans ont passé, et la jeune fille commence enfin son  deuil. Elle part faire le tour de la France, le temps d’un été,  pour rencontrer sa famille et se faire raconter Marianne.
Roman intimiste et universel sur le don d’organes et le traumatisme qu’il peut provoquer, Les cœurs pleins tissent  l’histoire d’un deuil et de la transmission familiale.
An intimate and universal novel about organ donation and the trauma and grief it can cause in the family over time.
«  My heart is still beating dully in my temples. Marianne’s heart is beating somewhere, full and complete. It was given and then taken back. What would she have said if we had asked her about organ donation? Would she have agreed? Marianne alive, vibrant, young; surely she would have responded with bravado: of course!. What would I need them for? I am reminded of The Little Prince of Saint-Exupéry that my mother used to love so much. And of the candor and sadness with which he says to the aviator, in the end, before leaving: “You understand, I can’t take this body with me. It’s too heavy.”
Maybe Marianne left for others what was heaviest for her, her heart full to the brim that she could not empty. » Lila, age 25, is an intern in neurosurgery. During her internship in a large Parisian hospital, Bichat, she discovers by chance the true circumstances of her mother’s death, Marianne, when she was a teenager. Almost ten years have passed, and the young woman can finally begin her mourning. She leaves to tour France for a summer, to meet her family and learn about Marianne.