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Le problème avec l'amour

Le problème avec l'amour
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«  De te rencontrer à tomber amoureuse, c’était facile. De tomber amoureuse à vivre une histoire d’amour, il y avait plusieurs pas.  »

Bien que très éprise, Marion réagit maladroitement à la déclaration de l’homme qu’elle aime. Pour le retenir, elle lui raconte dans une longue lettre ses amours passées, pourquoi l’amour fait mal, de quels attachements et de quelles histoires nous sommes faits.  »
Isabelle Miller est romancière et essayiste. Elle a notamment publié Le syndrome de Stendhal et Les inachevées.
Love is always a proposition, a hypothesis, and thus from the very beginning, a work of fiction.
Marion is in her early forties, the mother of an adolescent, and very much in love.  Yet when her lover declares his feelings to her, she has an awkward reaction and seems to back away.  In order to dissipate the uncomfortable atmosphere and keep her couple together, she begins a long letter to him about her past failed relationships. 
Marion is a storyteller and love has always been the vital question of her stories and her life.  As a child the only thing she ever wanted was to fall in love.  Now she desperately wants to know why it hurts so much.
Through her past experiences and the different portraits of men she depicts, Marion slowly discovers the effects of the stories we tell ourselves.
This is also a novel about Paris, the city of love with all its clichés and seduction, but seen from the inside, by a Parisian who has lived her entire life in the city.

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