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La solitude des femmes qui courent

La solitude des femmes qui courent
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250 pages
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Depuis son divorce, Justine court après la vie dans un Paris qu’elle ne reconnaît plus. Tout se chevauche et se bouscule : son travail en perdition, ses amours inexistantes, ses inquiétudes de mère. Mais le jour où elle découvre une rose rouge sur la tombe familiale, Justine va devoir questionner son passé, et peut-être ainsi démêler toute la pelote de son bonheur.

Julie Printzac est traductrice et éditrice. La Solitude des femmes qui courent est son premier roman.

Friendship, love, children and work… life with all its ups and downs and astonishing family secrets that must be revealed, for better or for worse.
When Justine visits her father’s grave in his hometown thirty years after his death, she is shocked to find a fresh red rose on his tomb. Greatly unsettled by this discovery, she knows she won’t find peace until she finds out who put it there.
Despite the vow of silence imposed by her family, Justine begins a desperate exploration of her father’s past, confronting her mother and older sister who had always refused to speak of this man they appear to hate. What secrets have they been hiding all these years?
While the family history she thought she knew seems more and more like an illusion, and while her professional as well as her personal life are deteriorating, Justine has no choice: she must make radical changes in her life. Her friends are
there to support her. Most of them, like Justine, are single Moms wanting more out of life…

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