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Je suis là : an international phenomenon


Foreign editions are coming out.

Rights of JE SUIS LA by Clélie Avit are already sold in 22 countries and 35 000 copies have been sold in France. A wonderful success for a lovely story. Clélie Avit signs an authentic book where love is stronger than everything, in the same vein as The Fault in Our Stars.


Check out the covers of the foreign editions ! 



Rights sold in : 

Albania (Botime Pegi)
Brazil (Rocco)
Denmark (Lindhard og Ringhof)
Germany (Goldmann/Random House)
Greece (Mamaya)

Hungary (Konyvmolykepzo Kiado)
Israel (Hakursa)
Italy (Mondadori)
Korea (Mirae)
Lithuania (Alma)
Netherlands (Xanders)
Norway (Aschehoug)
Poland (Sonia Draga)
Romania (Rao)
Russia (Sindbad)
Serbia (Laguna)
Spain (Ediciones B)
Sweden (Printz Publishing)
Taiwan (Emily Publishing)
Turkey (Koridor)
UK (Hodder)
US (Grand Central)

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