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Ces moments où l'alcool changea la face du monde
Depuis des siècles, les beuveries sont lourdes  de conséquences et l’alcool a fait basculer  l’Histoire plus d’une fois. 
En Égypte, 2000 ans avant J.-C., les pyramides  se sont bâties à grand renfort de bière. 
En France, la guerre de Cent Ans est gagnée  grâce à des tonneaux de vin de Saumur. 
À Dallas, JFK est assassiné pendant que  ses gardes du corps cuvent une gueule de bois.
Au soir du 31 décembre 1994, un général russe, ivre,  décide de lancer l’assaut sur Grozny, en Tchétchénie…
L’Histoire comme on ne l’a jamais bue !
When alcohol changed the world.

"Inebriations" is a lively portrayal of the most important moments in our History when crucial decisions were made over a bottle.  One musn’t  forget after all that Mesopotamians worshiped beer and that wine flowed at that wedding in Cana …
Drinking and History were in close proximity when Bismarck, drunk on cognac, decided to evacuate France before invading it in 1871. A generous gesture? Hardly. The origins of this miracle can be attributed to Augustin Pouyer-Quertier, a French emissary and lover of old hops and eau-de-vie.  They drank together late into the night then woke the Emperor at 4 AM and made the deal.  Who knew that Alexander the Great died from liver cirrhosis at the age of 32? Would the decisive One Hundred Years War have been won by the French if the English hadn’t discovered, and consumed, the Saumur wine reserves? Would Churchill’s decisions during World War II, essential to the survival of Britain during the Blitz, have been the same without his whiskey?   Would Boris Yeltsine have launched the offensive against Grozny in 1994 if he hadn’t been drunk on vodka?
Benoit Franquebalme treats us to a hilarious yet instructive promenade through History and the role alcohol has played in many of its most pivotal moments.