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Grande section
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«  Ma fille n’aura pas la même grande section que moi. Pour elle la grande section sera ce qu’elle est supposée être, la récré avant le CP, l’inspiration avant le plongeon, le calme avant la tempête.  »
Septembre 2014,  une mère accompagne sa fille le jour de sa rentrée. Subitement, ses 6 ans se rappellent à elle  : de septembre à juin, elle revit ces quelques mois entre la Syrie et les États-Unis, ses souvenirs de France, ces instants où tout a basculé.
Que  reste-t-il de l’enfance  ? 
What is left of our childhood?
As she watches her young daughter grow, the heroine of this novel incessantly asks herself that question.  For a very long time she had no memories at all, or barely any, nothing to tell, as if her past had been erased.  And then one day her daughter enters kindergarten and suddenly everything bubbles to the surface : the eighties, the many times she moved, Syria, the USA where she grew up, her father’s death, way too soon, her mother a widow at age thirty-six,  and she sees everything again through the eyes of a six year old child.  Like a second chance to discover her earliest joys and earliest sorrows. 
Kindergarten often marks the beginning of conscious memory, images that may fade but are never forgotten.  This is the story of a time past, a childhood that disappeared, a father gone.  It is a search for things seen through the eyes of a child, and felt with the heart of a child.  To learn how this childhood secretly shaped her life, its shadows, its mysteries and misunderstandings… and to learn what has been lost.

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