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Based on a true story, by Delphine de Vigan : a French and international success


Awarded the Prix Goncourt des lycéens and the Prix Renaudot, D'après une histoire vraie it's also 20 translations and 450,000 copies sold...

Rights sold in :

Brazil (Intresecca)

Catalunia (Ediciones 62)

China (Shangai99)

Czech Republic (Euromedia)

Denmark (People’s Press)

Germany (Dumont)

Greece (Utopia)

Hungary (offers)

Israel (Modan)

Italy (Mondadori)

Korea (Viche)

Netherlands (De Geus)

Poland (Sonia Draga)

Portugal (Quetzal)

Romania ( Paralela 45)

Russia (offers)

Spain (Anagrama)

Sweden (Sekwa)

Taiwan (Emily Publishing)

United Kingdom (Bloomsbury)


Prodigious, intelligent and diabolical! It’s hard to tear yourself away from this narrative in which the reader is so cleverly manipulated.  LE PARISIEN


You can only be stupefied by the artistic forcefulness Delphine de Vigan achieves while dabbling with reality. The ultimate result is a book that walks to line between truth and invention and the reader is left undoubtedly impressed and waiting in suspense… LIRE